Hi, my name is Matt, family and amigos call me Matte (Matty).


I am an nineteen-year-old photographer, humanitarian, water baby, autism ambassador, and outdoor lover. I've grown up on the south coast of England but have developed myself around the world. I work as a lifeguard and volunteer for Serve On, a humanitarian search and rescue charity.


My mind is very different from yours. See, I have a neurological condition known as Autism. You may have heard of it. This affects my social interaction, communication, senses and behaviour. Water is a sensory stimulus for me. It presents sounds, feelings and visuals which have always relaxed me. Something about practically being weightless in this cooling, yet unexplored expanse of blue. I not only incorporate these passions into my photography but also my daily life. 

Having Autism is not only exhausting but also exhilarating.

My favourite quote is one that my mum shared with me a few years back...

"Happiness comes in waves"

I try to respect the hidden rule which this quote expresses, whenever I feel down with a lack of joy or happiness, I remember it's just about to roll in.


I hope you enjoy looking around my work and reading my experiences. 



Have a good'ne!

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2017 Matt Evans