-  j a n u a r y   ' 1 9  -

With everything rolling back to normal it was time to jump back into some freezing cold English river water! Oh yeah! 


Don't forget to check out the shots from water rescue training the other night!

 So far, this year will be bringing a new challenge along with a new experience; Swiftwater Rescue Technician.  Using my experience and knowledge of water to good use; providing resilience and a safety net for people in times of need.


Serve On highlighted 2018 for me, so I am excited for what it will bring to my 2019. Capacity Building in The Philippines and work in Kenya is already on the table!

For those who aren't geographers, capacity building is: "the expansion of an organisation's, country’s or individual's ability to respond within their own capability". Simply, building them up in order to respond and manage a large scale event. Examples of how this is achieved are educating children in schools, or training responders. 


Not much else is planned for 2019 at this time. However, I have ideas of what I wish to get done. Finish college for a start! Then refresh and have some adventures.

In terms of my photography, I plan on getting in the water more. This includes generally shooting and practising in water, but also trying some new ventures such as shooting at night and more surf shots! 


Finally, everything is back into a routine and plans for the year ahead, are being arranged.  




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